MY LIFE (Something’s Missing)

MY LIFE (Something’s Missing)


Have you ever felt unfulfilled? Like something is missing? I have. I remember writing this poem back in 2006. I was single, I was working full time, and lived alone in a one bedroom apartment. I had a lot of friends, I enjoyed my job, and I was dating here and there (but no one serious). Although my social life was active I still felt unfulfilled. So one day I sat to write about my feelings and here's what was born.

MY LIFE (Something’s Missing)

My Youth-Life Crisis

Originally written November 5, 2006

I often think about my life

And mixed feelings begin to arise

At times I feel excited about the next chapter

Other times I feel lost, sad, and confused

I think about my past, the places that I have been, and the things that I have done

In that same breath I think about my future, my goals, and the next step that I will take


Is there a youthful mid-life crisis?

Torn with what to do with my life

So many questions to ask myself and no answers to be seen with the naked eye

What do I want to do with my life?

Where do I want to live?

And what about love?


In my heart I know that patience is important at this time

I find it difficult to be patient when I want ….

Love, wealth, happiness, family, and so much more for myself

I find myself saying, “Be patient!”

But at the same time….

What can I do now to get the things that I want out of life?


If I were a writer it would be called writer’s block

If I were a puzzle there would be pieces missing

If I were a team I would be player short

If I were an hour I would be fifty-nine minutes

If I were a pen I would be without ink

If I were a pencil I would be without lead


Something’s missing….at least that’s how I feel at times.

I feel better when I remember….

My God

My family

My friends

My education

My health

And the so many things that I have been blessed with


In my heart I know that I am truly blessed, but I also know that I truly want more.

I seek more out of hunger, motivation, and drive

And not out of greed or ungratefulness

My life….

Something’s missing in my life.


As I reflect back on when this poem was written I can really appreciate the saying "hindsight is 20/20." I now understand that I had everything that I needed back then. I was just stuck in what I wanted. I now know that everything has a season. 2006 was not my season for love, it was not my season for career advancement, etc but I have since experienced many of the things that I wanted back in 2006. It's okay to want and to be motivated by the things that you want out of life, but I have also learned that not everything and not everyone has the same season to grow and change. However, we all have the opportunity to enjoy the moment, to enjoy the season that we are in. And just remember that if it's your rainy season this too shall pass. I pray that you continue to be blessed and that your flowers continue to grow.

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