Single Moms Planet Awards & Fest

Single Moms Planet Awards & Fest

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 23% of households in the U.S. are single mother households. I was raised by a single mother. I know single moms in my personal life and through my professional work. I am sure you know someone that is a single mother and/or was raised by a single mother too. Single moms are moms. Single moms are women. And, “when you support a single mom you impact their children.” - Neferteri Plessy 


Neferteri Plessy  Founder & CEO of Single Moms Planet

Neferteri Plessy

Founder & CEO of Single Moms Planet

Today I’m calling all single moms and anyone looking to support single moms! I recently had the opportunity to meet Neferteri Plessy, the Founder and CEO, of Single Moms Planet. We originally “met” through social media and finally meet in person at her Annual Single Moms Awards & Fest. At the event I had an up close look at how this delightful organization supports & empowers single mothers. This is a wonderful tribe for the mommy community and/or for anyone looking to support the mission of Single Moms Planet. 

Single Moms Planet is a nationwide movement designed to educate, empower, and uplift single mothers and their children. I luv this organization and all the greatness they do in the community of single moms and their children. Their Annual Single Moms Awards & Fest was a day filled with fun, personal development, and, opportunity to support moms and uplift women. As soon as I stepped into The Peninsula Beverly Hills I could feel the love, the joy, and the passion surrounding the members and supporters of this fantastic event. The Smart Mommy Smart Money Panel was one of my favorite panels of the day. Listening to the wisdom of the women, the moms, the entrepreneurs, on the panel was inspiring. Seeing women do great things and give back to others motivated me to keep going! Although the panel spoke predominately about being smart with our money it also reminded me that we grow when we give back to others. I went into the audience of this panel for the financial wisdom, but what I left with was something far more wealthy than money can buy. 


If you missed the Annual Single Moms Awards & Fest, I highly recommend following the SMP journey to learn more about becoming a member and/or a supporter. Thank you Neferteri for having me! You have opened my eyes to how I can empower a single mom and her children; which ultimately empowers our children, our world. 

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