Stay Winning

Stay Winning


I recently had the opportunity to attend my dear friend, Robin Ayers’, event, Stay Winning. Robin is a Public Speaker, Published Author, Journalist, Reporter, and Host and an awesome mommy and wife. I have known Robin to be invited to share at various speaking engagements, but this was her first event created and hosted by her. Once I saw the invite I knew I had to be there front and center. Robin is that friend that always has positivity, wisdom, and verbal blessings to share.


Robin’s panel was amazing! I had the opportunity to hear from Vanessa Simmons, Dustin Fedler, Jennifer Freeman, Quincy Newell, Laila Ali, and of course, Robin Ayers herself.  I really loved how open, honest and transparent the panel was. I walked away with many golden nuggets, so I want to share a few with you.



Jennifer Freeman shared that one of her transitioning moments came after divorce and being in a position where she had to look within. She realized that she was attracting what she was and had since learned to look at herself the way God sees her. This is such a wonderful reminder that sometimes it’s not about them, but it’s about us and the changes we have to make to get to the next chapter in our life. Seeing ourselves the way God sees us elevates us to do better, to strive for more, and not to settle for less.


Quincy Newell shared some wisdom that really resonated with me as a mother.  I truly appreciate his outlook on success and legacy. His words, “keep going because things can change in an instant” really motivated me. Today I may not have my desired marketing budget to aggressively market my private practice and/or my book, however I’m reminded to keep going because that can change at any moment. I was humbled to hear Quincy share that success is not about what I do; it’s about who I am.  Leaving a legacy behind is not just about finances; it’s about wisdom, lessons, traditions, and teaching my children to be good, caring, thoughtful, giving, loving individuals.


Vanessa Simmons wowed me with her knowledge in creating her own lane. I respect that she used the knowledge, lessons, and wisdom from her family, but didn’t rely on them to make a way for her; she created her own lane using what she learned from them as her foundation. I think it’s easy for us to look at the success of others and want it, but the truth is we have to create our own lane and own and our success. We can use the help of others, however we have to do the work for ourself!


Dustin Felder kept it so real. He’s a true reminder that faith without works is dead. His words  “protect your vision, prepare and then be open to change, and you’re walking in the will of God” hit me like a lightening bolt. We can have our ideas, agendas, plans, but the truth is God is our ultimate Consultant.  Consult with God, pray on it, and then move on it! As I stood in line to personally meet with Dustin there was a young man in line before me speaking with him. I don’t know the words that were shared, but based on body language the young man received a message from Dustin, shook his hand and thanked him, and proceeded to walk away. Dustin reached for him and offered to pray with him.  I was in spiritual awwww for so many reasons. The power of prayer can help you, can help me, and can help others. Pray for others and let them pray for you.



Laila Ali knocked us out with so much wisdom. Since I’m a mom, wife, therapist, writer, business owner, and self-proclaimed chef, Laila became my best friend in my head! Lol. I realized I have so much in common with her. Although we live different lifestyles the challenges we go through are similar. Laila spoke on fighting through situations, being able to push through when it’s challenging, using negativity as our motivation, and how to change our perspective, so that our challenges become our energy to move forward and create a new plan. As Laila spoke I realized that outside factors are not my opponents. My opponents are within! Laila inspired me to fight through being tired, to fight through negative self-talk, to fight through doubt, to fight through uncertainty and procrastination. I left feeling motivated to kick my personal & professional goals in the butt!!!



Robin’s Stay Winning Connection gave me just what I needed when I needed it! She reminded us to use what we have to get to that next step and to focus on what we’re doing, because our success may not be where everyone else’s success is. I really believe Robin could have dropped the mic after those two golden nuggets. However, after a brief conversation with her, here’s what Robin wants all of us to take away from Stay Winning Connection:


-Winning starts with a mindset. Motivation, determination, etc.

-Winning, in part is about connecting and collaborating (hence, Stay Winning "connection")

-Fear is a major factor of what keeps us stagnant and everyone feels it, but the courage to overcome and take leaps of faith in your life cause you to win eventually. The more you fail, the closer you are to success.


Are you ready to Stay Winning?

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