What 2017 Taught Me: Lessons & Blessings  ​

What 2017 Taught Me: Lessons & Blessings ​

Any time is a good time for self-reflection! As we prepare to head into the second month of The New Year I cant help but to reflect on how awesome 2018 has been thus far and how much I learned in 2017. What did I learn in 2017? Let’s just say it was filled with lessons and blessings. Here’s a few that I want to share with you....


Make Time For What You Love:


There’s always going to be something that must get done; that to-do list isn’t going anywhere. It’s imperative that we make time to do the things we love. I’m a better person when I make time each day to be creative. Creativity in writing, cooking, and photography fills my cup. I don’t do them all everyday, however I make time for at least one of them once a day. Take a moment to step away from what you have to do and do something that you love. 


Not Everything Requires A Response:

One of the loudest messages we can send is the message of silence. Rather it’s with my kids, strangers, or friends & family I’ve come to learn that not every thing requires a response. Sometimes no response means remembering that “Turn Notifications Off”, “Mute”, and “Unfollow” are good options at our disposal. People aren’t always going to like you or agree with what you do or how you live your life. You are in no position to explain yourself and/or to get involved with their messiness. Be true to who you are and continue to live your best life!



People Are Going To Leave:

Sometimes a bond with a friend and/or family member is strengthened and sometimes people are going to leave. Some of those losses are worth fighting for and some of them are just that... a loss. The truth is if someone decides to walk out of your life, without a discussion with you first, let them! Are they worth fighting for if they do not want to stay; only you can make that judgment call. Put your energy into those that want to be in your life and you in theirs.


Stick With The Ones That Are Rooting For Your Win:


Sometimes we spend too much time questioning why some friends and/or family do not support our endeavors. I’ve come to realize that’s not for us to ponder. I understand that it’s important to focus on the positivity and stick with the ones that are rooting for you to win! You know your worth and so do the people who support you. The people who don't fully support you aren't worth your time. 


You Just Have To Do It:

I have learned that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my creative works! I didn’t realize it until the last half of 2017. I have a list of goals, dreams, and ideas. I brainstorm, then map out how to work towards them and achieve them. When the plan doesn’t look perfect to me my momentum slows down. Sadly, when this happens I stop producing. I have realized that if it’s not perfect in my eyes I’m not going to share it with the public. I never want to compromise the quality of my work, however I’m learning to just do it, because quality doesn’t mean perfection. Don’t be afraid to share your gifts with the world! Just keep moving forward and walking in faith and God will meet you exactly where you are.



Build Your Dream Or Work Building Someone Else’s: I stayed home as a full-time mom to my three children. During that time I blogged and worked on my writing, however I also did marketing for a few friends and local moms’ businesses. Although I was paid for my work it did take time away from continuing to build my own dreams. Many nights I struggled with “work on their project or work on my own.” On the nights I chose to work on their project my projects were neglected and/or slow to come to fruition. There’s no shame in working for someone else if that’s your desire. However, always remember that meeting our goals comes with sacrifices that can look like less time, less sleep, less socializing, and less money temporarily. It feels fantastic to be back on track of my own goals and dreams!!! Goal-getters are always looking to hire someone to help meet their goals; explore if you want to be hired or if you want to do the hiring!


Every situation and every person we meet is an opportunity to a teacher/student relationship that can be mutual. We must remain open to learn, open to teach, and more importantly open to change. Living our best life comes with change! Those are just a few Blessings and Lessons from my 2017. What did 2017 teach you?

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