Laundry Lifesavers

Laundry Lifesavers

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Laundry has seriously become a form of birth control in our house! The more kids we have, the more laundry we have. I don’t know about your house, but in my house it seems that the laundry never ends. We have three kids worth of laundry!!! We wash clothes. We fold clothes. We put clothes away. And magically there’s more clothes in the laundry basket that need to be washed. They appear so often and so quickly it must be magic! The laundry was piling up on me so often and so rapid that I had to do something different. Here’s my new way of tackling laundry:



1.) Do Smaller Loads- I’ve learned that big loads of laundry are intimidating and take me forever to fold. I have started doing smaller loads of laundry. Doing smaller loads of laundry helps me fold them right away and put them away faster than it takes to get through a heaping load of clothes. 

2.) Wash More Often- In the past I have always washed on Sundays. I used Sunday’s as my day to prepare for the new week doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, oranginzing, etc. I have learned that with three kids waiting until one day to do all the laundry leaves me with piles of clean clothes that don’t always get folded and put away. We typically end up digging through a pile of clean clothes to find something to wear. Now I wash more often. As mentioned above, I do smaller loads and instead of doing them on one day I do them throughout the week. I wash one small load, fold it, put it away, celebrate my accomplishment, and then move on to the next small load. This routine is done more than one day a week; especially the celebratory dance!


3.) Get Organized- I keep separate baskets for dark clothes, white clothes, towels, and linen. I keep my delicates separate and wash them in mesh laundry bags. I recently found some new mesh laundry bags that are great for all of my delicates, intimates, my tennis shoes, and even my baby carriers. You can find these awesome mesh laundry bags on Amazon Prime: Mesh Laundry Bags. I am currently sharing a 25% OFF deal code: GAWPP9BY for all of you to use!!! 

Those three small changes above have become my Laundry Lifesavers! The cycle of wash, dry, fold, put away, repeat; never ends, however it does not have to be a daunting task. What are your Laundry Lifesavers?

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