Top Ten Questions* To Discuss With Your Partner Before You Say “I Do”

Top Ten Questions* To Discuss With Your Partner Before You Say “I Do”


Are you in a relationship with someone that you find to be marriage material? Engaged? Want to be engaged and/or married with your current partner? As a relationship unfolds there are many things that we come to learn about our significant other. And as we come to love them more we begin to accept them for who they are, the good and the not so good! However, the good should always out-weigh the bad. It is quite common to know your partner’s favorite food, favorite color, hobbies, etc. But when we begin to talk marriage material there are some very key discussions that one should be having with the individual they are planning to commit the rest of their lives with. As you and your future husband or wife are getting to know one another please remember these very important questions to ask before saying, "I Do" (in no specific order)

1.) What are your views on marriage and what does it mean to you?

2.) What are your expectations of your husband/wife?

3.) How do you handle your credit?

4.) How do you budget/spend money?

5.) To your knowledge, Do you plan to go back to school, start a business, move out of state, change careers, etc?

6.) Do you want children one day? If they already have kids, do they want more kids one day? How many kids do you want?

7.) How do you plan to rear (raise) your children, discipline them, etc?

8.) If we have children, will one of us stay home with them (stay home mom/stay home dad)? If so, how long?

9.) How will we share and/or assign household responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, yard-work, making family decisions, etc).

10.) What is your approach to health? What is your medical and mental health history?

Sadly, the divorce rate in the United States is 50 % and some of the top reasons for divorce are infidelity, financial issues, and child-rearing issues. These are key areas that you and your partner should have open communication about.

These questions are simply based on my professional and personal opinion. Use them as a place to start the conversation with your significant other and modify as you see fit for your relationship. This is not an exhaustive list.

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